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The Fifth Gdańsk Workshop

on Graph Theory


September 13-15, 2017

The aim of the workshop is to bring together academic specialists in graph theory and related topics to discuss possible areas of collaboration, identify new directions of research and exchange ideas. The scientific program includes contributing talks (20 min.).

Invited Speakers:

prof. Jarosław Grytczuk (Poland)
prof. Andrzej Lingas  (Sweden)
prof. Ingo Schiermeyer (Germany)

Scientific Committee:

prof. Tomasz Dzido (Poland)
prof. Marek Kubale (Poland)
prof. Jerzy Topp (Poland)
prof. Rita Zuazua (Mexico)
prof. Paweł Żyliński (Poland)

Organizing Committee:

Hanna Furmańczyk (University of Gdańsk) /co-chair/
Magdalena Lemańska (Gdańsk University of Technology)
Mateusz Miotk (University of Gdańsk)
Paweł Żyliński (University of Gdańsk) /co-chair/

Contact: E-mail

The Fifth Gdańsk Workshop on Graph Theory